vendredi 10 juin 2011

One day, while Samir was on the path that led him dear, he met some friends of his who invited him to drink a coffee, he did not refuse the offer and followed him. Then they would get into a car, a police patrol in front of their car burst and starts a so-called routine check, but the police was nervous and brusque. One of them began uttering racist and Islamophobic slurs and a friend of Samir replied. It was because they waited, they released their batons and fell on his friend, from this moment, Samir knew it was too late and everyone will land at the police station and then tocourt.Throughout the rest of his life, he avoided the court, he was the good son, good brother, good citizen, despite his dual nationality, he can never considered French, but obey their laws because he knew what it was and now he is facing a judge who sees nothing but its North African origin and the so-called "facts", he try to explain but had the like talking in a vacuum, and saw behind him a line of people like him innocent or guilty, regardless, the only issue that the judge ask everyone is "do you repeat? "When asking him, Samir felt the rage rising in him but he replied:" No, of course not, I never ... ... "and he got cut by judge put him in a fine of € 5000.When he left the court, he was hungry, thirsty, tired had no shoes on, had dried blood on the neck, and the only thing that came to mind was the fine, c is started to think how to pay but could not find a solution, it was fate, God had to send a message but he did not understand happened was a divine test more to overcome, but it was one can expect. Since this incident he can feel increasingly lost in this country, which is treated as a nobody, he had lost all pride and realized that something was missing, that despite all his efforts, he did not feel whole, what was this void that gnawed inside and did not want to let go as long as it does not go looking for him.Then he started thinking about his country and knows that at least in Algeria, it would be like everyone else with a single nationality. Samir has always been attracted to challenges, but the change of life, it was hard to design and also he thought he had lost his father very young, his family name which meant nothing in France but Algeria was a respected name, his father was an orphan and had fought very young, it was for him a model to follow and it does not happen one day when he does not wonder what would have happened if the Fate had wanted him to grow up in his native country, and if that is the divine message?After a month of reflection only, he made his decision and wanted to take all his savings and went to live in Algeria, and open his own business, even if he did not know what he wanted to do for a living, and all his friends try to dissuade him, saying he had not yet finished his studies, Samir was attracted like a magnet to countries that are barely knew but knew he was gone.

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