vendredi 10 juin 2011


It is thirty seven hours when the alarm clock starts ringing, it's already Sunday, the weekend pass quickly, as always, Nawal is fried on, she knows that a day full of stress waiting for it wake her little sister and will prepare the breakfast. after a whole night to watch a construction site of a Chinese company his father still asleep, she serves breakfast and sits down, her little sister looks at him and asks him or despised it because it was last night knew that his excuse was bogus, she replied "its none of your business in any way, will quickly prepare your bag before you arrive late. "Bored by the suspicions of his little sister, Nawal envalira wonders if this really worth it, she could live her life would be like any other Algerian age, but has chosen to accept all the opportunities offered by the life, there are too many girls who do not benefit because it is subject to the rules at home for fear of their fathers or brothers, and especially it is different from the others, she is free on her and especially nice, because here as elsewhere has many beauty, she knew that men were fragile and must be used before the spell breaks, she told her father she spent the weekend dearly for his girlfriend childhood in order to attend the wedding of his brother, his father has no means sure to check out about his daughter but he prefers to trust him, because since the death of his mother, he tries to move closer to his daughters,Nawal but does not give him the opportunity, she will never forgive him for his behavior before the death of his mother, the only time they seem to close is when she wants something from him because even his father manipulable. Like the other girls, Nawal also believes in love, so she waited until the day her prince charming would appear without warning, captivating her heart and she would go conquer the world with him. As the prince charming did not show himself, he only had to dream.She fell in love for the first time at age eleven, as she walked to primary school. The first day of school, she discovered she was not alone on the journey she was walking not far from a kid who lived in the neighborhood and attended school at the same hour. They had never exchanged a word, but Nawal noticed that the times of the day, which pleased him most was that they spent on the dusty road, despite the thirst, fatigue, bright sunshine, the boy who walked soon as she was making strenuous efforts to remain at its height.
The scene was repeated for several months, Nawal, who hated studying and had no other distractions as television, began to wish that time passes quickly, she waited anxiously to go to school and unlike girls her age, was very boring on the weekends.As the hours pass more slowly for a child than an adult, she suffered, was the endless days, because they offered him only ten minutes to share the love of his life and thousands of others for thinking He imagined it would be good as they can talk.

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