vendredi 10 juin 2011

Years passed. Nawal's family moved too. They settled in an hour of his hometown in a big city called Oran, a city as it has always dream was for her a new beginning, a new city, new friends, neighbors and so on. At one time give it to rethink boy she suffered more than anything else, and deciding what concentrated in something more useful, she learned geography, mathematics, French language, followed the soap to television, and quickly became the girl model, one that everyone enjoyed and envied.But things were not all that easy, because his parents accumulated arguments, and tension grows more and more, his mother spent her time crying and his father returned late at night in a pitiful state, she did not know not what actually happens, every time she asked, she was punished for some reason she could not understand.One day as she returned from EMC, she found her mother lying in his room at the foot of the bed holding a box of medication, she had the habit of calling the emergency, but it was too late, she had lost her mother, she was told she was sick, but she knew the truth, it was a suicide, pure and simple, Nawal had lost his footing, she was in shock, she was crying, screaming, hair pulling , struggled when they tried to stop him, then entered a quiet scary eyes fixing his father who was sitting in the other room without uttering a word, not a single tear, no emotion is appeared in her face, she knew he was the cause of the depression of his mother, a little later, she learned that her father wanted to get married again because her mother could no longer fell pregnant and he wanted a son all costs. then she made two suicide attempts, one of the two had nailed one week and a half in a hospital she knew that his hour had not come and decide to take revenge on life, death, love. Longer any sense, she wants to enjoy life tan there is still time, it will soon be leaving Oran, Algeria, Africa and all leave behind, all his bad memories that haunts will not be as dust Above all, it is the concentrated, it has its last review in French in just two hours "island", she needs to get its license, it has everything ready, passport, visa, accommodation, higher education, future , which does use people for his personal ambitions and make them believe that love them. Nawal is currently attending a rich man who has power where it needs it, by the way she has just received a message from him saying, "Hello my love, my first thought is for you, call me for this evening, bis! "."My love", that word makes her horror, this is just a month they attend, and he thinks he already loved her, but the cape Nawal yours straight and can not be distracted by the man from elsewhere believing in this country, and spends his time pretend loved this country, just because his father was a veteran.

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