vendredi 10 juin 2011


While Nawal spends his final exams study, Samir's current boyfriend finished his weekly meeting with employees, in which they assessed the costs of next month, it is not an employer like the others, because in meeting he mentions even bribes and asks them to negotiate more and more despite the risk of being blacklisted, Samir does not want to hide their faces, he knows that if he wants his company continues progressed, it to pay the corrupt and he actually left.Samir has not always been a man who lacked integrity, he was even the model to follow in some cases. Four years ago, Samir could not pronounced a sentence in Arabic, he grew up in a French suburb where he was known for his wisdom and skills to understand things quickly, since childhood he keeps hearing his relatives and Teachers say he had the potential to succeed, but Samir often wondered what success for him, is to be rich? Having children spoiled rotten, a woman who spends her time wanting things to be superficial and without ambition, that is what he saw on television, and in its neighborhoods things were not better, while young of age were taken for bosses, they were often stopped by police for theft, conceals, possession of drugs or just for fun, because yes, the police enjoyed a check all that move, because no matter the intentions, ambitions, dreams or hopes, that you may have, from the time you live in a neighborhood like hers, you're always suspicious of something, "and if he did nothing, he ferrata", is often said that all police officers in the area.But Samir thought that with perseverance and time, he will succeed in a place where anyone until the day Duis has succeeded. He was the best in all he undertook, and loved to study because the imam of the mosque and nearby at the same time he had learned that all humans were eternal students. Samir liked also discussed with his long time professor of quantum physics Mr Gentil, he liked to be the Poulin men he admired because he had lost his father at the age of eight years and needed to be guided, but with time he noticed that it was advantageous because it has no father, benchmarks and could not create its own path and make their own choices.He wanted to become a physicist and was on track, he had a secret dream to push even further the power of the human being to science and to become one of the Algerians who shape the world and make her proud mother and his country.But Samir was modest and showed great humility. like any good Muslim, he understood that the success is not based on what we have here but what we have in the hereafter, and whenever he had the opportunity, he would help the poor in a total secret because of shame for him was like a treasure fled into desert island for the pirates, had to remain between him and his god.

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