vendredi 10 juin 2011

One morning, the boy approached her and asked her to lend him a pencil. Nawal did not answer, she pretended to be irritated by this untimely first and hurried on.She was still petrified with fear on seeing him move towards her, she was afraid he knew she loved him, was waiting for, dreamed of taking him by the hand, go beyond the door of the school follow the road to the end, which - they said - was a big city, the characters in the novel, artists, automobiles, many movie theaters and all out of Wonderland. All day, she was unable to concentrate in class. It sulfur absurd behavior, while being relieved to know that the boy also had noticed. The pencil was merely a pretext to start the conversation - when he approached, she saw a pen in his pocket. She longs to see him. That night - and nights that followed - she began to imagine all that she would do, until she found the right way to start a story that would never end. He never sent him to speak. They continued to go to school together, Nawal sometimes walking a few steps in front of him holding a pencil in his right hand, sometimes it can be looked after for dearly. It had to be content to love and suffer in silence until the end of the school year.During the holidays it seemed interminable, Nawal decided to leave the boy a letter in which she confessed that he had been the great love of her life and she made the project to sink in the river or it would devour by wild beasts than using to frighten his mother and his parents did not cry his death, for the poor remain hopeful, despite the tragedies that overwhelm them, they would think she was kidnapped by a wealthy family and without children and one day she would come back covered with glory and money - and while the current (and eternal) love of his life would not be able to forget and suffer every day from not having to speak.The next day, she managed the best she could, put on a dress that her mother had crafted for the occasion and left, thanking God that the holiday was finally completed. But the boy did not reappear. So passed another week of anxiety before Nawal did not learn by comrades he had left town. "He went away," said someone.At this point, Nawal discovered that you can lose some thing forever. She also learned that there was a place called "away", the world was wide, and its small town, and the most interesting things always end up leaving. She wanted it gone too, but she was very young. However, looking at the dusty streets, she decided that someday she would walk in the footsteps of the boy. The nine following Friday, she asked God to take away one day. She had difficulty for some time and really tried to trace the boy, but no one knew where his parents had moved. Nawal then began to find the world too vast and dangerous love, she thought that God lived in heaven too remote to listen to requests from children.

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