vendredi 10 juin 2011


Some say life is a gift, he must enjoy every moment for death can take us from one moment to another, I do not disagree with the AIS, but I think this view of the meaning life is selfish and arrogant, lack humility and what bothers me most is the word "profit." unfortunately, most people take the phrase literally, and they all enjoy itare profitable, whether a good, bad, or even a hardware and any one person, withthe aim to follow the cult of lust and success at all costs, believing that successmeans, a bank account and fill material that may or rather must be exhibited at the sight of all the world, because success is not if no one knows or rather envy you.'s death is also a gift , and it is giving its importance can only really live life.
The city of Oran, the second largest city of Algeria, is a city with a reputation fordebauchery and immorality, but it goes far beyond its reputation. Here, the poor willbe rich and the rich always want more, this story follows the lives of people all tryingto achieve their goals in a city or corruption and vice are de rigueur, or love is anempty word and that the most important is not what they are, but what others want them to be.

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