samedi 11 juin 2011

When he arrived, Samir immediately began to gather the necessary documents to open an import export company, he noted that there was strong demand and plans to save as much as possible in order to follow his dream. Days, months and already one year to live here without starting work, all his savings were lost in the daily consumption in the rental of his apartment, bills to pay, investment he made in hiscompany and so on. Samir was lost because he knew he could start from the moment he will pay a bribe, but it is against his nature, he would not get dirty while still waiting for his efforts and the help of god. every night to pray that he opens one door, to help him so he can finally move forward, but no response. Soon he had enough to meet these needs and could not wait for a miracle, then one day, Samir at a prayer and asked God to forgive him for sins he would commit. The next morning he had made an appointment with a broker, a commercial, a corrupt or rather who was trying to seduce him for some time and had offered him find work in exchange of bribe. After this appointment, Samir would be celebrating the defeat of life in the bar of a five star hotel near the airport of Senia, he did not drink but said it may be also possible to use the excuse of oblivion and after all he had nothing to lose. He knew that love could change a man, but that day, he understood that despair as men change and acted much more quickly than love. Samir had sold his soul to the devil, but left no room for guilt because he had to take his actions.Since then he has been CEO of several business and lying to his monthly salary amounts to over one million dinar, to completely change his behavior, he spends his weekends in nightclubs, common people can attend and out with girls who previously would never have put his eyes on them, surrounded by false friends, false love just not was alone because he knows that as soon as he will find himself all alone, this thing called conscience comes haunted and tormented her dream.Samir has never fallen in true love. So he spends his time attending the first came as Nawal and tries to be tender and affectionate as if it were his wife even though he knows she does not love him, because after all, just passing fancies until one day he meets a woman who will soothe his soul and accompany this stretch of road called life twisted.Tonight, it must be presented at an evening organized by the French Cultural Centre to deliver the prize in a competition of literature at the Sheraton because he has met with French entrepreneurs to discuss the terms of their future association, but first he must go downtown to buy a party dress suitable to his girlfriend Nawal.

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